Satoru Iwata, holding bananas

On July 11, 2015, Satoru Iwata, the CEO of Nintendo, passed away due to a growth in his bile duct. The brief statement released by Nintendo announced the news and listed a brief timeline of his employment and positions at the company.

Satoru Iwata was a key member of Nintendo. Not only was he the CEO and President, but he helped create many of the games that people around the world love. He hosted a section on the Nintendo website, Iwata Asks, where he would interview the creators of Nintendo games and talk about how the games were created. Iwata also contributed to Nintendo Direct videos where he and others would talk about upcoming games and events.

Iwata willingly halved his paycheck last year when Nintendo was struggling with the poor sales of the Wii U. He helped code parts of the Smash Bros Melee game and debug it. He also helped to create many of the Pokémon games. He was somewhat of a prodigy in code, and was very good with working with languages and systems he didn’t even fully understand. He ported a battle program from a Pokémon game over to Pokémon Stadium in only a week, an incredible feat.

Satoru Iwata was an incredibly involved, friendly, and intelligent CEO of one of the most loved gaming companies in the world. He will be sorely missed.